February 5: Louisiana-based artist collective Luminous Lookout sets up at Redux

by Melissa Hayes, Charleston City Paper

Southern Louisiana’s salt marsh veined landscape, complex history, and distinctive culture is familiar to the Lowcountry. You’ll recognize these influences, along with broader social narratives, in the works of Luminous Lookout, a Southern Louisiana-based artist collective who will be exhibiting at Redux through March 21. The collective is comprised of Dawn Black, Kathryn Hunter, Kelli Scott Kelley, and Jonathan Mayers, and together, they aim to inspire conversation about the ever-changing world we live in and the consequences of these changes.

Each of the Luminous Lookout artists works with representational imagery that functions symbolically or metaphorically within a larger narrative. Their work contemplates power structures and struggles whether within the natural world we live in, between humans, or within the psyche. This is where the exhibition’s title — Spectral Marauding — comes in. The selected works for this show consider opposing forces — seen and unseen — that can generate change, “robbing” something of its former state. Though their individual works differ, all members of Luminous Lookout hope that their work provokes a dialogue by which we can better understand ourselves and our place in an ever-shifting world.