August 19: Fall Arts Critics’ Picks

by , Charleston City Paper

Redux Contemporary Art Center is presenting a solo exhibition featuring the work of local artist Fletcher Williams III through Aug. 28. The exhibition includes a selection of Williams’ recent works on paper, pulled directly from his studio, many on display for the first time. These works provide an insider’s look at how the acclaimed artist practices techniques and explores different materials and textures. Visitors will find 50 black and white single pickets, evocative of portraits; for those familiar with Williams’ pieces, he often incorporates distorted perspectives of the iconic white picket fence in his work. The exhibition also features some more color-focused work from Williams, with pieces seeped in natural greens, lush blues and bold turmeric tones. A North Charleston native, Williams is an artist whose work is constantly looking at and engaging with the rituals and traditions of the American South. Williams often utilizes Spanish moss, salvaged wood and tin roof and handwoven palmetto roses in his work.

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