November 19: The Charleston You Haven’t Seen

by Tim McKeough, The New York Times

For the front yard, Mr. Hoertdoerfer designed a sculpture garden of overlapping artificial-turf-covered squares, where a piece by Carey Morton, a local sculptor, was given pride of place. Mr. Morton’s creations also populate Ms. Baldwin’s empty lot next door, which she may eventually use to build an art studio, or a spec house to sell.

As the project progressed, Ms. Baldwin and Mr. Hoertdoerfer seized on the design process as a teaching tool for elementary school students. “In a lot of cities, schools are cutting out art programs, which, being an art major, just breaks my heart,” Ms. Baldwin said.

Working with Charleston’s Redux Contemporary Art Center, she and Mr. Hoertdoerfer developed a weeklong summer program to introduce children to contemporary architecture. (Ms. Baldwin also held a fund-raiser for Redux at her house). The students received instruction from Mr. Hoertdoerfer, toured Ms. Baldwin’s house and designed dream homes of their own.