Megan Bansil

Education & Outreach Director |

Megan Bansil started at Redux in 2015 as a Summer Education Fellow while completing her MFA in Illustration with Savannah College of Art & Design. Upon completion of this degree and with years of service in the art education classroom from Pre-K to post-secondary level, Megan originated the role of Education & Outreach Director at Redux in summer 2017. 

Working with a growing team of talented teaching artists, and hand-in-hand with Redux’s staff, board, interns, and volunteers, these programs continue to flourish and expand, offering a wide range of arts education and experiences for children, youth, and adults. Cultivating relationships with community organizations, individuals, and students, and schools is crucial and has continues to be at the center of what Redux’s education and outreach programming. 

“Introducing the arts education resources Redux has to offer the community and serving as an active listener, I have been able to cultivate strong and authentic, trusting relationships that help us to better serve our community. These partnerships illustrate an aspect of my work I am most grateful for – it is my honor to work so positively with incredibly diverse populations and to take part in projects that often challenge, humble, and excite me.”  

Megan’s commitment to Redux’s mission to foster creativity and to increasing and diversifying the reach of Redux’s resources to the community at large is the heart and soul of the meaningful work she and Redux do every day. 

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