J. Kevin Foltz

J. Kevin Foltz is a wanderer. He has worked for thirty years as a traveling photographer with a large variety of clients ranging from airline magazines, resorts, inns, and restaurants to Western Union and the Sony Corporation. 

Recently relocated to Charleston S.C. from Miami, Kevin continues to work on travel and culinary projects for the custom publishing industry throughout the Americas and the Caribbean. Although still involved in photography works, he now devotes much of his time to making art in many new mediums. Kevin considers himself to be a folk artist, encountering his muse when roaming. 

In his work he allows imagery recorded on the film plane to become a platform from which he dives into subjective interpretations of moments in time. He believes that many artists and art critics gabble on about physcologically “deep” values in art, when no discussion in necessary. He states that the meaning of all artwork is dependent on the sophistication and objectivity of the viewer, and not on contemplations of educators and elitist pedagogues. Foltz says that as long as the art is made with the intention of honest and unique self-expression it is worthy of reflection.