Drawn Here,
an art educator’s journey to create conscious curriculum

Exhibit dates: July 30th – September 11th, 2021

Opening reception: Friday, July 30th, 2021

Artist Talk TBA

Location: Gallery 1056 

Since joining Sanders Clyde Creative Arts Elementary in 2019, Artist and educator Mia Loia has made it part of her mission to provide positive visual representations of cultural and historical figures from the local history in her teaching. It is important that the students, who are predominantly black, are able to recognize themselves in the rich history that surrounds them, as many of the students have deep roots in Charleston. Their ancestry is precious and special, and unique to this beautiful place. However, unlike the white planters and merchants that dominate history textbooks and are memorialized in statues and street names, there is a shocking lack of representation in those spaces of native, captured and immigrant peoples who quietly developed the culture of this city.

As both an illustrator and art educator, It is Loia’s desire to leverage her abilities to hold a mirror to the community she serves. This work Is representative of a curriculum that integrates visual arts with Charleston history and celebrates the American spirit of resilience. It is her hope that by rendering these narratives into approachable teaching visuals and projects that she can help others grow in love and pride for themselves, one another, and the stories that surround them.