Danielle Wyckoff

Exhibit dates: December 12, 2014 – January 31, 2015

Artist Statement

from whence, into which

Recognizing the minute and infinite connective threads among us, my work addresses our abilities to love and the ways in which that shared capacity both unifies and separates us. We know each other insofar as we know how loving and losing love feels.

Each project I pursue iterates what it is to love. Furthermore, each project suggests an experience of immersion, a sensation evocative of love, often comparing such a sensation to being in water or drawing from certain properties of the element.

To explore, represent, and further entangle us within this conceptual framework, I create installations, prints, drawings, sculptures, and videos as well as collect stories about love from those willing to share. My projects acknowledge and elicit the shifting natures of love and water, their beauty and breathlessness, their terror and transience.

My work relishes in the individual experience, but simultaneously reveals that what we think matters most is truly what matters least: The “I” and “you” of “I love you.”