Creative Corridors: The Annual Studio Artist Exhibition

Exhibit dates: June 15th – July 24th, 2020

Opening reception: June 15th

Location: Main Gallery 

Redux Contemporary Art Center is excited to present Creative Corridors: The Annual Redux Studio Artist Exhibition. The Annual Studio Artist Exhibition is an opportunity for Redux resident artists to showcase a sample of their work, as it relates to a specific prompt and is curated as a group exhibition in Redux’s main exhibition space. 

For Creative Corridors 2020, we asked the Redux Studio Artists to consider the power of art and its ability to send messages, rally communities, and advocate for many different causes. Throughout history, art has served as a conduit for social change can be seen in installations, murals, performances, signage, videos, and sound. Art has a persuasive nature, declaring impactful statements, dictated by the artist, to address issues and encourage community engagement and activism.

Exhibiting artists include: Anne Abueva, Susan Altman, Olivia Bonilla, Katie Brash, Celeste Caldwell, Marie Carladous, Julia Deckman, Robert Fine, J. Kevin Foltz, Abe Garcia, Affra Gibbs, Hale Horstman, Kirsten Hoving, John Jamison, Alice Keeney, Andrew King, Madison Kingery, Morgan Kinne, Eli Latham, Katie Libby, Connor Lock, Mia Loia, Gret Mackintosh, Kristin Mein, Barbara Montgomery, Madi Murphy, Jenifer Padilla, Susan Perkins, George Read, Kate Richie, Jonathan Rypkema, and Karen Vournakis