1 x 1

Exhibit dates: January 22 – March 6, 2010

Redux Contemporary Art Center is committed to its mission of presenting contemporary art to the city of Charleston. For our exhibition titled 1 x 1, we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the School of the Arts at the College of Charleston. A Commission of Higher Education report identified the College of Charleston Studio Art program as one of the best in the State. A significant factor contributing to the success of the program is the high quality of its artist-teachers. The faculty at the College of Charleston is conspicuous for their professional achievements and prestigious honors. Among them, includes a Prix de Rome winner, two Guggenheim Fellowship holders, a Fulbright Fellowship holder and many more distinctions too numerous to list. All have extensive exhibition credits, both nationally and internationally. The College of Charleston is a source of creative excellence that helps to form the center of the city’s art culture. The faculty and student body are visible and active participants in Charleston’s small but vigorous art scene and account for a significant part of the energy and sophistication present at exhibitions and events of all kinds. Redux strives to be a part of the tradition of art education and art appreciation that is such an important feature of Charleston’s identity. Redux was founded by a small group of College of Charleston graduates in November 2002, and seven years later we are still eager to serve as a resource for the young artists of the city.

Faculty x Student

Barbara Duval x Marshall Thomas
Sara Frankel x Maddie Reyna
John Hull x George Davis
Cliff Peacock x Shelly Smith
Herb Parker x Lauren Moore
Michael Phillips x Sarah Haynes
Michelle Van Parys x Matthew Bowers
Steve Johnson x Samantha Theall
Jarod Charzewski x Liz Vaughan