Hey there! I’m Jillian Thorvaldson and I have been in love with the art of photography for the majority of my life. Shortly after receiving two bachelor’s degrees in studio art and arts management from the College of Charleston in May ’22, I had the great honor of participating in Redux’s Lightning Residency, and the rest is history. In addition to becoming a permanent studio artist at Redux post-residency, I am also a darkroom instructor and photography teacher. Now, you can find me at Redux in Studio 4 alongside my studio (and residency) partner, Nick Kawcynski. 
My work specializes in portraiture with an emphasis on well directed shoots with purpose and intelligence, asking questions about diversity and equality- with LGBTQ+ issues taking the forefront. Additionally, my work tends to be incredibly emotional, with heavy use of black and white striking against intense color. I sway back and forth between my love of film photography and spending my days in the darkroom and my love for digital photography and pushing Photoshop to its absolute limits, but both are exciting to learn more about and experiment with.
If you need photographic services or want to learn more about photography, film or digital, you can schedule lessons and sessions at my website: jillianthorvaldson.com!