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Local Charleston photographer, Caroline Herring, strives to reimagine photography as a medium of storytelling and design. Elaborately constructed compositions of inanimate objects often leave viewers wondering “is this a photograph at all?”. 

Colorfully engaging as they are intricately designed, still lives have not only become a staple in her work, but a method to explore the intimate roles sculpture and mixed media often play in her process. 

A native of Hartsville, SC, Herring obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Clemson University in 2018, exploring an array of mediums during her time there: film photography, installation art, and mixed media collage. 

Though today she’s primarily known for her photography, early discoveries instilled a passion for heavy experimentation and continuous evolution in her artistic practice and approach. 

At Redux, Herring continues pushing the foundations of her photography practice while harnessing the power of curiosity and diversifying her process—exploring areas such as screen printing, floral design, and installation sculpture.

Through it all, Caroline strives to explore the intimate relationship between identity, legacy, memory, and place.