Alice Colin

Originally from Bordeaux, France, Alice studied, worked and lived in many countries (India, Spain, Italy, Ireland, England…) before landing in Charleston where she is settled now with her husband and 2 sons.

Influenced by her background in communication, she developed her love of creating visual artworks using acrylic colors combined with recycled elements from daily life such as newspaper, leather, fabrics, discarded packagings, jar labels and anything else she finds interesting.

Her creative process aims at expressing emotions and thoughts using colors and patterns in a constant search for balance between shapes and shades. Her general inspiration comes from her travels, countries of adoption, and people’s facial expressions in general, thus her numerous portraits trying to capture the emotional charge, background and experience a figure can exude.

Through her recent series of portraits, she has been working on highlighting the beauty and power of mixed ethnic backgrounds as well as their cultural identity and personality.