Source Coding

Exhibit dates: March 16 – April 21, 2007

Opening reception: March 16, 2007

New media artist Kevin Jones investigated the natural world through charts, diagrams, and technological systems in his exhibition entitled Source Coding. The work was presented as interactive installations driven by microcontrollers that are complex systems within themselves. For example, the work “Regelation” uses an ultrasonic sensor to detect the proximity of the viewer to the work. The viewer activates the sensor to trigger a video of an ice cube melting, and once the sensor is broken again the ice cube reforms itself.

Ultimately, Jones used advancements in new technology to explore the natural world. His works question our understanding of perception and the physical limitations of our world, while challenging the history of scientific authority.

About Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones is an MFA graduate of Yale University (2000), and has exhibited internationally including shows in Tokyo, Japan (2006), and New Delhi, India (2004). The artist is included in the private collection of Phillip Glass, and has received grant support from KAT Fund, Houston Contemporary Art Museum (2006), and the Kohler Fund, Japan (2002).