New Structures

Exhibit dates: January 26 – March 3, 2007

“New Structures” was a two person exhibition with painter Blake Hurt and digital artist Todd McDonald

About Blake Hurt

Charlottesville, Virginia based Blake Hurt presented a twist on the tradition of portraiture by creating a unique software description that integrated specific information about the life of each of his subjects. The data was complied resulting in large digital portraits that contained a narrative through several images expressed simultaneously. The layers of information and symbols offered the viewer an added dimension to the work while also serving as the visual structure of the portrait. Hurt has exhibited internationally, with recent exhibitions including “3rd Biennial National Print Exhibition”, Northern Arizona University Art Museum, Flagstaff, AZ, and “The International Digital Exhibition 2006” San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, CA. During the winter of 2007, the artist presented his work at an international conference in Japan.

About Todd McDonald

Painter Todd McDonald investigated the relationship of building construction and image construction. McDonald uses hyper extended structures as a metaphor for corporate growth, rampant consumerism, and excessive accumulation. The work also serves as a visual manifestation of American culture spoken through the language of abstraction and rooted in current realities. Todd Mcdonald received his M.F.A from Arizona State University, and currently serves as an Assistant Professor at Clemson University. Recent exhibitions include “Here and There” Concordia University, Austin, Texas, and “Diaphanous Gatherings” Handley-Hicks Gallery, Fort Worth, Texas.