yellow and blue makes green

Exhibit dates: December 4th 2020 – January 30th, 2021

Opening reception: Friday, December 4th

Location: Gallery 1056

yellow and blue makes green marks Anne Abueva’s first solo exhibit in Charleston, SC. This collection of work originates from the most basic lessons in art that we all learned as kids: mixing colors. One color leads to the next, and in turn dictates shape, texture and overall composition.   

yellow and blue makes green reminisces in the simple joy of mixing paint colors. At the same time, the abstracted compositions are unapologetic in asking the viewer to open to new possibilities and accept alternate points of view. Art is a powerful tool in creating bridges and connections between people – something many of us are very in need of as we cope with the pandemic. This show strives to find common ground in the memory of learning yellow and blue makes green, while simultaneously asking for expansion into new points of view. 

Abueva’s experience with intuitive and expressionist artmaking, combined with over 10 years working in interior design guide her studio practice. Experimentation, playfulness and ruthless editing are all key ingredients in each piece.

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Abueva moved to Charleston in 2019 and is loving the process of making this place her home.