Working Stone: Photographs by Kirsten Hoving

Exhibit dates: April 9th – May 22nd, 2021

Opening reception: Friday, April 9th, 5:00 – 7:00PM

Artist Talk TBA

Location: Gallery 1056

Working Stone, Photographs by Kirsten Hoving will be on view in Gallery 1056 at the Redux Contemporary Art Center from April 9th through May 22nd. Twenty stunning large-scale photographs of marble and granite quarries have been selected from the artist’s decade-long project for exhibition.

Many photographs in Working Stone explore the active quarries of Vermont, with scale that dwarfs the men and machines that remove massive blocks of rock.  Other photographs contemplate inactive sites, whose rock faces still bear traces of human interaction with the geologic landscape.  

Hoving is fascinated by the way the stone has been and is still worked – by the ladders, hoses, bolts, and derricks, by the trucks and saws and generators.  But most of all, she is drawn to the stone itself, with its textures, colors, lines, and marks reading like a map of time.

The artist contemplates the startling beauty of Vermont’s geological and historical working of marble and granite. With images that often border on abstraction, her photographs offer views ranging from active quarries and underground caverns to abandoned sites whose rock faces still bear that traces of human interaction with the geological landscape.