Artist in Residence: Susan Meyer

Exhibit dates: June 21 – July 27, 2008

Redux Contemporary Art Center was proud to present our fifth annual Artist-in-Residence program featuring sculptor and installation artist Susan Meyer. Susan arrived in Charleston, SC from Denver, CO on June 4th and will remain in residence, working in the Redux Studios and Gallery to produce the exhibition Together until her opening at Redux on June 21st, 2008.

Together was an installation that was conceptually grounded in the idea of the utopian environment and past social experiments that have led to the success or failure of these social structures. Meyer was particularly interested in the intersection of these environments with art, commerce and modernity.

The installations typically take form as stalactite structures that are tiered with several layers. Upon each layer are by H-O scale figures (model train’s tiniest size) in the form of small crafted people that live and work on the structure. Some of the structures are linked by long bridges so that the inhabitants may hypothetically cross their environment in search of their needs.

Composed of acrylic shapes that make reference to organic landscapes and architectural models such as Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes, and to futuristic, sci-fi imagery the sculptural elements combine to create a fantastical environment.  The occupants may seem somewhat at odds with their environment, as the installation suggests model utopian world/worlds that may, or may not, be working out.

In addition to the preparation of Together, Meyer also conducted a research project based on the ideals and development principles of the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood.  She worked closely with students of the College of Charleston by conducting critiques, gallery talks and working with student assistants.

The artist was on site for the duration of the residency to engage with the public, explain her process and concepts, and answer questions.

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