THE HANDOUT: Community-Guided Critque
Time-Based Artist Edition

In reviewing your current collection of art work, select (1) piece that you would like to share at the workshop to tell your vision and inquire for feedback. This document is to help you to reflect on how you feel about your own work at this current time as well as to consider what you would like to know about your work from your fellow creatives. Please review this before the session so that we may all maximize on our time together.

As you have selected a piece of work to bring into the communal space, consider reflecting on the following questions before the event:

▪ What are the intentions/inspiration behind this work?

▪ What story am I telling?

▪ What is my biggest challenge I am facing?

▪ Is there anything I need that I don’t believe I have access to yet?

▪ How do I want people to feel?

▪ How does this piece fit into the greater vision of my art style?

▪ Would I consider this an experimental piece?

▪ What am I most proud of about this work?

▪ What I imagine I can do differently is…

▪ Do I have any concerns about this artwork?

▪ What do I want to know?

Consider the following questions to ask (or be inspired by them to ask what you want to know about your work):

▪  Do you have any questions or concerns about my piece/work?

▪  Is my message/story clear?

▪  What stands out to you the most, and why?

▪  What does my work say to you?

▪  What do you believe I could do to elevate the impact of this piece?

▪  What could I do to explore into greater creative direction?

▪  How does my artwork make you feel?

▪  How does my work compare to artwork you have already seen?

▪  What aspects about this piece are the strongest?

▪  What aspects are weak?

▪  What values do you hold in your creative process that I could benefit in my own creative experience?