The Pulse Beneath The Surface: Works by Lynne Riding

Exhibit dates: December 3, 2015 – March 4, 2016

Artist Statement

Major components in my work are the issues of impermanence, shifting perspectives, and loss, aligned with the dichotomy of enduring hope, that which drives us on. The pulse beneath the surface.

Although my work is of an abstract nature, it always stems from the place and surroundings in which I find myself, from color observed, a line seen in space, or the found object.

The central focus of this exhibit is a continuation of my current ongoing project “Concerning Being” and includes 3D pieces, painting and drawing.

Driven to make the 3-dimensional shapes by a life experience, and initially involved with process, I had no fully preconceived idea as to the outcome but decided to follow my intuition and a need of developing the idea. The process of building these paper bowls allows for much meditation and reflection. It occurred to me that the daily practice required when making these bowls references the daily tasks, some of the tedium and the care and attention needed for completion involved with many daily domestic chores. This thought, totally aligning with my initial point of focus.

On considering the forms, I find that they are loaded with meaning and I decided to allow the shapes to speak to each other and as a whole. Words that come to mind are containment, love, loss, absence, presence, internal, external, grounding, fragile, complete, incomplete, this leading to the possibility of much interpretation and discussion.

A response to my initial installation of “Concerning Being” at ArtFields, Lake City, SC, 2015 is included. I will also be documenting the response made to “Concerning Being” during this exhibit.

About Lynne Riding 

Lynne Riding received her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, CA. and has participated in a number of national and international exhibitions and residencies. She has a record of exhibition in states such as SC, CA, FL, NM, AZ, and OK. These include:

“Abstract Art in SC, 1949-2012”, State Museum, Columbia, SC, 2012

“Influences”, City Gallery, Charleston, SC

“CYMK”, 2005, Trans America Pyramid, San Francisco, CA.

“30th Parallel- a Convergence of Contemporary Painting”, 2005, JMOMA, FL.

Residencies include, The Lucid Art Foundation, CA.

Riding’s encaustic work is featured in the current Winter 2015 online issue of Encaustic Magazineand in the latest issue of  Studio Magazine.

After her art education, Riding lived and worked in London for a number of years, taking on various commissions whilst teaching at a central London college. On moving to Charleston she worked for 10 years as a professor of studio art at the College of Charleston while continuing to exhibit and develop her own work.

Moving to a Chair position at the Art Institute of Charleston for five years, she recently stepped down to a full faculty teaching position allowing for a balance of more time in the classroom with students and her own studio.