Susan Vitali

Visual meditation is Vitali’s goal when creating.  She is a collector.  Her process begins with gathering objects, images, and human experiences.  Themes include handwriting, circles/ovals, chaos vs. stability, intentional and unintentional collections, loss, memory, meditation, spirituality, and the human condition.  From her collections she extracts positive and negative shapes to create paintings, prints, collages, and photos. Colorful or monochromatic, organic shapes and mark-making which fade in and out of view are emphasized.  Concepts as well as physical objects are used to generate work that is focused on formulating a visual meditation.  Currently, she is focusing on handwriting and the local ocean shoreline for inspiration.

Vitali is a full-time artist living in Charleston, South Carolina.  She graduated from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Print Media 2015, one of the top 10 art colleges in the US.  Her artwork is in private and corporate collections including The Ford Motor Company and Aflac Insurance.

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