Susan Perkins

Susan Perkins’ work is as much about contemplation as it is about craftsmanship. Her art is clean and simply presented. Her pieces speak loudly in a nuanced way. Perkins’ work clears a path for the viewer to respond from the viewer’s own context. She starts the artwork yet the audience continues or completes it. Perkins feels that the artwork is the backdrop for a meaningful conversation.

Her current practice incorporates paper & fiber art weavings or impressions of weavings to communicate the interconnectedness of people and place. She is inspired by the grid image, which represents the collected energy field we all live within. She believes we are interlinked; if one is affected, we all are affected. Perkins believes our greatest strength comes from our connection to one another. Moreover, she believes we need to be the safety net for one another as a society. 

The grid image resonates with Perkins as she was once surrounded by on-going construction of buildings. Noting the construction of grids, Perkins contemplated what type of society we are building. She began to create weavings that emulate the fabric of the architecture rising up. Many of her works of art are based on the grid: a simple yet complex form.

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