Studio Works (2018 – Present)
Fletcher Williams III

Exhibit dates: August 10th – August 28th, 2020 

Location: Main Gallery

Redux Contemporary Art Center is excited to present Studio Works (2018-Present) a solo exhibition featuring the work of Fletcher Williams III. By thoughtfully showcasing the unique artistic practice of a single artist, Redux’s solo exhibitions aim to demonstrate the organization’s commitment to highlighting the work of our region’s emerging artists.
This exhibition features a selection of recent works on paper pulled directly from Fletcher Williams’s studio. Many are on display for the first time, and provide a firsthand glimpse at how the artist practices techniques, experiments with color and compositions, and explores different materials and textures. Highlights include fifty black and white single pickets evocative of featureless portraits, small-scale exploratory studies, and a collection of color-saturated works painted in synthetic and natural greens, lush blues, and bold turmeric tones. Studio Works gives insight into Williams’s creative process and highlights different iterations of his on-going series that explores the anthropomorphic characteristics of the white picket fence.
 Fletcher Williams III (b. 1987) is a North Charleston, S.C. based artist whose works engage the rituals and traditions of the American South. His interest in the way we seek to establish place and cultural identity has prompted a working methodology that incorporates both found and natural materials and an exhibition practice that utilizes public and historical sites. Williams often paints with Spanish moss, builds house-like structures with salvaged wood and tin roof, and fashions delicate sculptures out of handwoven Palmetto Roses. His work is both architectural and figural, tactile, and multisensory and unveils his curiosity for both people and places, material, and process.
Williams received his BFA from The Cooper Union and is a 2018 recipient of a Dean Collection St(art)up grant, which served as lead funding for Williams’s latest site-specific installation, Promiseland.

Photos by Karson Photography