Redux's 14th Annual Auction

Redux’s 14th Annual Auction took place on Tuesday, December 13, 2016 at Cannon Green.

Music was provided by Leah Suárez and Friends. Participating artists included Samuel Logan, Kaminer Haislip, Kate Mullin Williford, Paula Mcinerny, Chambers Austelle Art, Parker Barfield, Linda Fantuzzo, Kate Waddell Art, Leslie Burns, Mary Walker, Eli Latham, Lisa Shimko, Kerry Steele, Kate Hooray Osmond, Kristi Ryba, Karin Olah, Paul Cristina, Olivia Cramer, Alan Jackson, Tim Hussey, Lulie Wallace Art, Blakely Little, Dos Bandidos Art, Anna Sims King, Anna Hopkins, Todd Anderson, Julia Deckman, Raven Roxanne McCutchen, Teil Duncan Art, Mark Stetler, Caroline Knopf, Marie Carladous, Michael Hayes, Kirsten Moran and more!

Check out some of the amazing artwork from the 2016 Auction!