Rebecca McMenemy

Rebecca McMenemy is the designer behind Surcee Jewelry.  Rebecca lives and creates in Charleston, SC. She graduated from the College of Charleston with a B.A. in Art History. Studying Art History exposed her to many different design styles and mediums. Though she has dabbled in many different genres over the years, jewelry has always been a passion for her. Rebecca began making jewelry after taking several metalsmithing classes, and she has continued to grow as a designer. Though primarily self taught, Rebecca has taken classes to improve her craft.

Rebecca’s designs are inspired by travel and nature, and are composed of beautiful gemstones, asymmetrical pearls, and natural beads. Her work incorporates beading as well as metalsmithing. She enjoys both processes and mixing the two together. Beading allows for the creation of designs that have beautiful colors, textures, and shapes.  She also loves the endless possibilities that come with taking a piece of metal sheet or wire and creating something beautiful from the raw materials.



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