Morgan Cole

Born along the west coast in San Francisco, CA, Morgan has always been drawn to beauty and had a desire to reflect nature’s colors and patterns she saw growing up by the water. She now lives on the east coast in downtown Charleston, SC by way of Clemson University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

As an abstract artist, she lets her organic process be influenced by her surroundings every day. From the west to the east coast, water has been a constant inspiration in how she approaches her work. Nature’s pure colors, rough textures, and balanced compositions find their home in the way she layers paint on a canvas; always with a palette knife in hand.

Artwork can be a breath and break from the ephemeral, mundane reality of life. Her abstracted paintings hint at the eternal, cultivate a sense of wonder and awe, and bring people into a beautiful moment. Regardless of her subject matter or inspiration, she always wants people to experience a sense of joy from her artwork.

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