March 13: Redux and Enough Pie team up to show us how mushrooms connect everything and everyone

by Conelley Hardaway for the Charleston City Paper

“Mushrooms connect everything. Soil, plants, themselves. They’re creating a whole ecosystem.” D.C.-based artist Naoko Wowsugi can’t help but grin when discussing her newfound passion, mushrooms, which also happen to be the subject of Redux Contemporary Art Center’s latest exhibition, The Fungus Among Us: Our Mycelium Connection.

The project started as a mushroom aficionado would come to expect — through the coincidence of connection. Redux’s director, Cara Leepson, used to live and work in D.C. and was familiar with Wowsugi’s projects. But it was Enough Pie’s founder Kate Nevin who saw one of Wowsugi’s projects — an umami taste development center, naturally — and introduced her to EP’s Cathryn Davis. The people were connected, the project was on.