Make It Right Project: Standing/Still

Dates: April 11, May 16, and June 19; 6:30 PM

Locations: April 11 and June 19- Redux; May 16- Calhoun Monument 

Standing/Still is a multidisciplinary performance series that speaks to this racialized selective memory, suppressed black history, ongoing African-American erasure and monumentalizing of white supremacy.

Standing/Still features the words and works of South Carolina artists, many of whom have long created art that counters that damaging and destructive narrative, as well as its ongoing legacy and deadly consequences. The series name, Standing/Still, is both a commentary on how the South Carolina’s racist Confederates remain on their pedestals and plinths, as well as the lack of progress their presence indicates. Though the John C. Calhoun monument—which dominates the Charleston skyline—is a primary target of this effort, it is more broadly aimed at all Confederate symbols of white power and oppression.

Standing/Still is presented through the collaborative efforts of Redux Contemporary Art Center and the Make It Right Project, a national initiative dedicated to taking down Confederate monuments and telling the truth about history.