Lunch + Recess

L + R’s individual experiences in broadcast production, marketing and advertising have brought us insights that, frankly, we can’t get rid of or find another use for.

We specialize in visual content, from traditional TV ads to brand films, branded content for social media and even documentaries. From a creative standpoint, we specialize in concepting and capturing your message in a way that makes it stand out from the herd and engage or, in some cases, even marry your target audience.

Strategically, we want to see your message and content live on as many platforms as necessary to achieve your goals.

At L+R, client relationships are viewed as partnerships. We like working with ad agencies, PR and marketing firms as well as direct clients. Together we can determine the right look, feel, and tone necessary to engage your target audience. If you contact us early in the process so we can write or plan for a shoot within your budget. Whether your require a crew of fifty or the tiniest fly-on-the wall crew, L+ R can make it happen for you.

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