loose joints

Artists: Dylan Beckman and Joe Karlovec

Exhibit dates: May 31st – Aug 13th

Opening reception: May 31st 5-8PM

Location: Lightning Residency Gallery


 Dylan Beckman is an artist from Houston, TX. She makes objects based on unreliable memories and early experiences with moral instruction, as well as found imagery and archival research. She places these fabrications within photographic compositions that speak to desires for control and manipulation. Through sculpture and photography, she probes at the various ways that fun and play are mobilized to lure and distract, persuade and coerce. Her work is situated in the intertwined nature of instruction, allegory and the infinite interpretations of what it means to ‘believe’. She received her BA from Wesleyan University in 2017 and her MFA from the Yale School of Art in 2022. She is currently based in Charleston, SC where she teaches photography at the College of Charleston and Trident Technical College.

Joe Karlovec relocated from Florida to Charleston with his wife & two kids in 2023. They live in a historic church that’s been retrofitted into living spaces in the North Central neighborhood near Redux. He received his BFA in Interior Architecture from the Cleveland Institute of Art, then briefly studied Landscape Architecture at Ohio State before earning his MFA in Painting at Kent State University.


‘Arrival in an unfamiliar place’ is a body of work about my time living in Charleston over the last year and a half. The work consists of linocut prints and photographic objects inspired by my fascination with how our memories are forever embedded within the places we inhabit. The work visually examines ways vernacular architecture is the formal mechanism from which we discover the rhythms if our daily lives, by also how over time these memories fade into the vestiges of reverie, recovery, & cultural reinvention. The images/objects I create are all composite layers of architectural information. Their shifting landscapes & cascading façade create remnant structures that question the stability of an uncertain future. Altogether, the work is drawn, painted, printed, woven, collected arranged, & constructed; all to be destroyed and created anew.