Lauren Sloan

Lauren Sloan, born in Columbus, Ohio, is an artist and designer who is currently based in Charleston South Carolina. She works across various mediums such as watercolor, mixed media, acrylic, digital and oil. Previously she was located in New York City where she started a female and artist led art collective called Fictional Art Collective (FAC). The goal was to create opportunities for emerging artists to be seen and heard. Additionally she worked at Christie’s as an Exhibition Designer where she helped prepare for multiple art exhibitions under short deadlines. 

Her artistic approach is rooted in exploring the depths of human perception according to individual thought and aspects of the African Diaspora. Her method takes into account the principles and elements of design within every aspect of the creative process to express her surroundings so that she can draw creative inspiration from ordinary situations. Recently, she is focusing on a new series of paintings of iconic locations in Charleston that have shaped the African American experience

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