Kate Ritchie

Originally from Salisbury, NC, Kate Ritchie grew up on a horse farm lined with a creek and acres of woods. Kate was put in art classes from the time she was 5 years old where she made crafts in the ‘art room’ in the loft of the barn on her family’s property. She has been making art her whole life and has always seen a new medium as a new exciting challenge. While studying Studio Art at the College of Charleston from 2010-2014, she decided not to have a focus and instead tried to take art classes in every medium the college offered. Because of this, she has experience in photography, printmaking, sculpture, drawing, and painting and is now finding ways to combine these techniques to make new and unique pieces of artwork.


Kate Ritchie received a BA in Studio Art and Arts Management at the College of Charleston in 2014 and still resides in Charleston where she works out of her home studio. Kate draws inspiration from the vibrant community she lives in as well as the beautiful environment surrounding her. You may see familiar Charleston faces or elements of nature incorporated into her work.

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