Kassandra von Etzdorf

Board of Directors 

Kassandra von Etzdorf was born in Manhattan to a Canadian mother and British father. She’s lived in New York, Toronto, Montreal, spent lots of time in various places in Europe and the UK, and now, lives full time in Charleston. 
Career highlights include time working in lots of different industries – fashion, food, events, and design. Currently, Kass works as a Marketing Manager for a global compliance solutions company, and is happy to report that she learns something new every single day. 
Her appreciation for the arts started young, fostered by a very close relationship with her aunt, British textile designer and artist Georgina von Etzdorf. Since she was tiny she has been exposed to the art world’s wonders and challenges, and has come to understand how important it is to support the arts and artists themselves. 
Kass spends her days with her husband Pete, young daughter Rory, and sweet pup Izzy, and can’t wait to bring her enthusiasm, unique perspective and experience to the Redux Board.