July 30: ‘I won’t be judged by my cat art’: Charleston exhibit explores female identity

by Kalyn Oyer, The Post and Courier

An over-sized ceramic foot with red nail polish, covered in shiny mosquito bites sat elevated in the middle of the white-walled gallery. 

The piece — titled “Sweet Blood” — begins a discussion of what the new art exhibit at Charleston’s Redux Contemporary Art Center represents. Its message? A Southern woman’s woes begin with open-toed shoes in the summertime. 

But that’s not the full message of the exhibit, and definitely not the full extent of Southern women’s woes. 

“Me and My Girlfriend” features cross-media artwork created by two Charlotte-based makers and friends, NHin Nie and Grace Stott, who have residencies at a local art gallery and studio. Their art explores female identity and relationships, from companionship to liberation, all under a whimsical umbrella.