Jordan Cave

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Born and raised in a small Midwest town, art was considered a wonderful hobby, but not a career path for Jordan. She believed this for a long time and enjoyed various creative outlets including photography, drawing, ceramics, and painting. Throughout her time in formal education, year after year she would receive the “Most Creative” superlative at end-of-year ceremonies. Although she enjoyed these awards, it also left her feeling like she was doomed to a lifetime of unsatisfying careers, feeling like her greatest talent was only for passing time on the weekends. After graduating, she jumped into what people would propose, a “real” job as a Realtor and occasionally found time to paint.

After moving to Charleston, SC in 2014, she was overjoyed by the plethora of galleries, monthly art walks, inspiring colors, and rich textures that filled the city. Being a Realtor also gave her the opportunity to peek inside lovely historic homes at incredible collections of art.

At one of her team’s year-end celebrations, she once again received the superlative “Most Creative.” Despite the good intentions, she remembered thinking, “You’ve GOT to be kidding me! I am crushing this whole ‘real job’ thing. She would say, “I want to be recognized for my sales, not my hobby.”

“If I still had that award, I would put it in a frame.”

“I am creative. Art is my career.”

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