George Ayers

After years of philosophically wondering what he was doing with his life, George Ayers decided to resign his career in the engineering field to pursue something more personally fulfilling. Having always had an interest in pencil sketching as well as architecture and design, he started developing an interest in the classical realism genre of oil painting.

He was a music performance major in college and had no formal art training outside a standard art class in high school. So, he started reading as much as he could as well as observing other artist’s work and began developing his own knowledge and skill. It wasn’t long before he was hooked, and maybe even obsessed, and found himself pausing movies to admire the portraits hanging on the walls in the background.

To achieve the results he strives for, he uses a method of many thin layers of paint. Each layer builds up color and depth as well as detail and also allows him to revise the forms as he goes. This layering affect, as it has historically, produces a final result which is unique to this method. There are many great ways to approach painting but this is his favorite. He’s modified this technique to suit his personal taste and get the results which makes him smile every time.

More than anything else, this artistic endeavor has taught him an entirely new understanding of patience and dedication which has subsequently translated into other parts of his life. He would say that that is a win win situation regardless of where this new life direction takes him.