Exhibit dates: September 23rd – November 5, 2022  

Opening reception: September 23, 5:00 – 8:00PM

Location: Main Gallery 

Redux Art Center is excited to bring you FLOW with HEART, ROOT, WATER. This collective exhibition includes works of Mikki Blackman and Deborah Donovan Rice. They have come together to express their connection to the natural world through art-making, braiding together their love of the living earth, textiles, sculpture, movement, images, sound/music through the joy of shared endeavor.

“FLOW” as in heart, root, and water calls on the viewer to breathe into a deeper connection to the living world, to be inspired and to express this through caring for the natural world. If we care for the earth, the earth will care for us. Visitors are encouraged to create their own art with materials provided. 

Mikki Blackman and Deborah Donovan Rice have collaborated on creating art installations since the early 2000’s. The power of participating in the creative process allows them to fall into rhythm with their own natures. They share the same artistic vision and connection to the natural world. Their backgrounds blend well with experience in textile arts, sculpture, installation, theater, dance, and psychology. Other collaborations from the pair are the 2003 and 2011 installations, “The Caged Heart”, exhibited at The Old Charleston City Jail. Visitors were invited to interact with the work and record their responses using a variety of materials provided. In 2019, they collaborated with Enough Pie and artist Naoko Wowsugi’s installation “The Fungus Among Us” shown at Redux Contemporary Art Center, providing a textile screen of mycelium network.