Exhibition Openings

Upcoming Exhibition Opening

June 2

Main Gallery: Creative Corridors: The Annual Redux Studio Artist Exhibition

         1056: Carson Carroll + Shannon Mayo McBride (curator)  

Lightning Residency: Grace Womack & Reese Massey

Future Exhibition Openings

July 28  

Main Gallery: The Distance between Girls Clemson University’s Architecture + Health Program 

         1056: Becca Hopkins + (curator)

Lightning Residency: Cara Fischer & Chole Hogan

Sept 25 

Main Gallery: Under the Radar with Charleston Magazine

         1056: Shannon Mayo McBride + Carson Carroll (curator)

Lightning Residency: Kela Portee & Jemima Charles 


 Nov. 14 – 18th  Auction Preview – Auction on Nov. 18th


December 8th

         Main Gallery: Andrew P. King  http://www.andrewpeterking.com