develop > stop > fix Press Release

develop > stop > fix

From Cara Leepson, Redux Executive Director

Redux Contemporary Art Center is excited to announce an annual exhibition highlighting work of resident studio artists, by medium. For the inaugural studio artist exhibition, Redux is presenting the work of our resident photographers in the exhibition develop > stop > fix: A Survey of Resident Photographers. The exhibit opens to the public Friday, June 1 with an opening reception from 5-8pm that will include performances from Leah Suárez, Marcus Amaker, Richard White Jr., & Drisana McDaniel.

develop > stop > fix highlights the complexities and the varying forms that exist throughout the entire photographic process. From before the initial image is captured, it is up to the photographer to compose an image that is in line with their artistic perspective. The photographer is responsible for explores vantage points, alternate processing methods, repetition of imagery, composition, color alteration, subject manipulation, to create a unique image that represents their eye. The Redux Resident Photographers each approach the medium with a unique artistic sensibility, making imagery that is distinctly their own.

Considering the varying aesthetics and methods of photography the Redux Resident Photographers practice in their studios, develop > stop > fix highlights an array of styles of photography and discusses how contemporary photography is constantly evolving. Through each of the individual bodies of work, the Redux photographers push limitations of the medium and challenge the viewer to consider: what is photography?

Redux is thrilled to be presenting the work of Jack Alterman, Carson (Kip) Bulwinkle, J. Kevin Foltz, Alice Keeney, Caroline Knopf, Mark Stetler, and Karen Vournakis.

develop > stop > fix: A Survey of Redux Resident Photographers will run from June 1 – July 7, 2018.