Creative Corridors: The Annual Redux Studio Artist Exhibition

Exhibit dates: June 4th – July 17th, 2021

Opening reception: Friday, June 4th, 5:00 – 8:00PM

Open Studios: June 10th, 5:00 – 8:00PM

Location: Main Gallery

Redux Contemporary Art Center is excited to present Creative Corridors: The Annual Redux Studio Artist Exhibition. The Annual Studio Artist Exhibition is an opportunity for Redux resident artists to showcase a sample of their work, as it relates to a specific prompt and is curated as a group exhibition in Redux’s main exhibition space.
For Creative Corridors 2021, we asked the Redux Studio Artists to consider the “why” behind their individual artistic practices. The creation of a new piece of artwork can serve as a meditative process for artists. As a new piece of work comes to life from the hands of an artist, intention plays a significant role in the evolution of each piece. Sometimes the work deviates from the original intention, but the overarching concept of the artist’s “why” remains ever present.
Exhibiting Redux Studio Artists include: Abe Garcia, Alice Keeney, Barb Montgomery, Bob Fine, Celeste Caldwell, Christine Patterson, Connor Lock, George Read, Hale Horstman, Jenifer Padilla, Jordan Cave, Julia Harmon, Karen Vournakis, Kate Comen, Kate Ritchie, Katie Libby, Kevin Foltz, Kirsten Hoving, Kris Hanson, Madison Kingery, Marie Carladous, Megan Collier-Bansil, Mia Loia, Morgan Kinne, Nancy Perry, Rebecca Hopkins, Shelby Corso, Susan Altman, Susan Perkins, Susan Vitali, and Todd Anderson.