Creative Corridors: Annual Studio Artist Exhibition

Exhibit dates: June 2 – July 15, 2023

Opening reception: Friday, June 2, 5-8 pm

Location: Main Gallery

The Annual Studio Artist Exhibition is an opportunity for Redux resident artists to showcase a sample of their work, as it relates to a specific prompt and is curated as a group exhibition in Redux’s main exhibition space. 

For 2023, we asked our resident artists to consider the theme of “Reclaim”. The result is an multimedia exhibition ranging from reworked pieces from the artists’ early career, to new work created with themes of creative reuse, the environment, vulnerability and empowerment.

Redux currently serves as a studio home to 40 Charleston artists. It’s an incredible community building opportunity to highlight the work being made at Redux now. 

Exhibit Artists: 

Connor Lock (Seven)                                     Kate Ritchie                                          Jenifer Padilla
Lauren Sloan                                                   Kris Hanson                                         Madison Kingery
Robert Fine                                                     Becca Hopkins                                     Katie Libby 
Nick Kawczynski                                           Christine Patterson                             George Read
Jillian Thorvaldson                                        Karen Vournakis                                  Kirsten Hoving 
Shannon McBride Mayo                               Lauren Ridenour                                  Hale Horstman
Carson Carroll                                                Anna Chen                                            Adoni Designs
Taylor Faulkner                                              Daisy McClellan                                   Susan Vitali
Shelby Corso                                                  Rebecca Dew                                       J. Kevin Foltz
Kristen Mein                                                   Nancy Perry