Creative Corridors 2022: The Annual Studio Artist Exhibition

Exhibit dates: June 3rd – July 16th, 2022

Opening reception: Friday, June 3rd 5-8PM

Artist Talk TBA

Location: Main Gallery

Exhibiting Artists: Marie Carloudous, Carson Carroll, Jordan Cave, Kate Comen, Shelby Corso, Adoni Designs, Taylor Faulkner, Robert Fine, J. Kevin Foltz, Steph FRX, Kris Hanson, Julia Harmon, Rebecca Hopkins, Hale Horstman, Kirsten Hoving, Alice Keeney, Madison Kingery, Riivo Krukk, Katie Libby, Connor Lock, Mia Loia, Daisy McClellan, Kristin Mein, Jenifer Padilla, Christine Patterson, Nancy Perry, George Read, Kate Ritchie, Lauren Sloan, Susan Vitali, Karen A. Vournakis, & Charlie Wooddall. 

Redux Contemporary Art Center is excited to present Creative Corridors: The Annual Redux Studio Artist Exhibition. The Annual Studio Artist Exhibition is an opportunity for Redux resident artists to showcase a sample of their work, as it relates to a specific prompt and is curated as a group exhibition in Redux’s main exhibition space. 

For Creative Corridors2022, we asked our resident artists to consider how the concept of community plays a role in their individual creative practices and how their work represents this familiar feeling of connection. Community is rooted in the Redux mission and is ever present in the day-to-day life as a Redux Studio Artist. Through community comes collaboration, fulfillment, advancement, connection and belonging.

Artists tend to gravitate to communities in an effort to establish a basis for self-expression and self-definition as it relates to their artistic practice. As creative communities develop, artists inherently enrich one another as their individualized creative expression inspires and influences others within their communities.