Changing Index: an installation by Vassiliki Falkehag

Exhibit dates: August 11- September 19, 2017

Location: Main Gallery

Changing Index, explores the point at which human beings and the relentless force of nature intersect. Materials that are found, chosen, collected, and repurposed are recycled in the sense that they are transformed into an artwork. Situating our local community, Charleston, as a symbol of change and rapid growth, this project deals with industry vs. nature in a direct way. Using in large part found objects from our marsh and creeks collected during Charleston Waterkeeper cleanups, the piece is site sensitive and does not in any way hurt nature. A large amount of diverse wetland waste, water collected to test and insure our safety quality, and marsh plants are arranged in a manner that engages the existing architecture of the gallery. Inspired by Charleston’s topography, the spatial structure and layout of refuse evokes both ‘growing’ organic patterns as well as forms aligned in a method indicating the man-made. Changing Index highlights the constant transitional framework of development resulting in social fragmentation and chaos while losing the inherent natural beauty of this unique place.

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