Celeste Morton

Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts, Oil on Arches oil paper, 50 IN x 72 IN

Celeste Morton received her MFA in painting from the University of Delaware and her BA in Film from the University of Vermont. Celeste’s paintings become abstract pieces that slowly reveal themselves through figuration and storytelling. Using images from movies, literature, and the internet, she highlights the function and fascination of the human body in society. These stage like scenes convey intimacy and spectatorship, while referencing and challenging historical and contemporary painters. In her most recent body of work,  paintings utilize oils, oil sticks, and expressive mark making on pieces of oil paper with uneven edges. The pieces hang like “skins” off the wall, echoing the physicality of the paint as well as the figures within the paintings. Celeste currently lives and works in Charleston, SC.

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