Benjamin Bellas

Exhibit dates: March 21 – April 26, 2008

For Benjamin Bellas‘ exhibition at Redux, the artist explored moments in our existence that shape our modern relationship to enlightenment, purpose, and personal meaning. At the same time, this exploration questioned how sincere emotion may be kept intact within a culture dominated by mass media and entertainment.

His work can be seen as a high-wire balancing act between intellect and emotion, manifesting itself as a synthesis of the Humanities. Philosophy, Art, Music, Language, and Literature collapse time and space as they are placed into practice as concept and method simultaneously.

About Benjamin Bellas

Benjamin Bellas is a 2007 recipient of an Illinois Arts Council International project grant and has exhibited at 1a space, Hong Kong; Istanbul Exhibition Center, Turkey; Track 16, Los Angeles; Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki, Finland; Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago; Florean Museum of Contemporary Art, Romania; among many others.