Barbara Montgomery


Barbara Montgomery is from Atlanta, Georgia. She chose to move to Charleston because growing up, her family would spend the summers exploring the lowcountry area around Charleston. She fell in love with the city and moved here to attend the College of Charleston.

Since graduating in 2015, she has worked on investing in the incredible creative community here. She believes Charleston’s creative community is constantly proving its openness as it graciously accepts new artists and new ideas. She feels Charleston is cultivating a very new and exciting platform of growth within the arts.

She draws inspiration through her ever-growing passion for adventuring. She paints moments from wilderness adventures spanning from kayaking expeditions along the southeastern coast all the way to backpacking adventures through the Grand Canyon. Throughout her body of work, she strives to create a prolonged moment of tranquility within the landscape. Her process consists of taking pictures and doing drawing studies along the adventure trail. Then translating them onto my canvas once she returns to the studio.

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