August 21: Moving Parts

by Daniel A. Brown, Charleston City Paper 

Each year, Redux presents eight exhibits that highlight emerging artists on the contemporary visual arts scene. With their forthcoming exhibit, Moving Parts, the state-of-the-art exhibition space hopes to maintain that level aesthetic quality while drawing in crowds seeking captivating and engaging art.

Moving Parts features new works by Eames Armstrong and Riki Matsuda, both artists working with figurative forms, albeit ones with unique takes on representational art. Using swirls and swaths of paint, Armstrong’s pieces are populated by figures engaged in scenes that range from the playful to the ceremonial, pliable bodies bound together in shared knots of action and repose. Pieces by Matsuda reveal her to be a contemporary fabulist, offering minimally rendered nudes and figures, at times buffeted with text, creating tiny myths that are both inviting and inscrutable; no small feat considering the type of restraint involved in honing such narratives into fully-formed pieces.