Redux's 15th Annual Auction

Redux’s 15th Annual Auction took place on Wednesday, November  15, 2017 at the new Redux location at 1056 King Street.

Music was provided by Leah Suárez and Friends and specialty drinks were mixed by the Cocktail Bandits. Participating artists included Alan Jackson, Brian Coleman, Chambers Austelle, Dorothy Netherland, Fletcher Williams III, Gabriel Lovejoy, Jack Alterman, Jill Hooper, JP Shepard, Karen Vournakis, Karin Olah, Kerry Steele, Lisa M. Shimko,Mark Stetler, Megan Aline, Meredith Steele, Nathan Durfee, Nickie Stone, Paul Cristina, Paula McInerny, Redux Contemporary Art Center, Robert Lange, Sara Pittman, Shepard Fairey, Stephen Elliott Webb, Susan Altman,Susan Perkins, Teil Duncan, Tim Hussey, Todd Anderson and more!

Check out some of the amazing artwork from the 2017 Auction!

Take a look at the 2017 sold out Auction!

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