Moving Parts: Eames Armstrong + Riki Matsuda

Exhibit dates: September 21 – October 27, 2018

Opening reception: September 21, 2018, 5PM

Artist Talk: TBA

Moving Parts references, both literally and figuratively, the fluidity found in the work of Armstrong and Matsuda. Both artists play with, and manipulate the human form while simultaneously addressing issues related to identify, gender, human intention, and humor. Through a lighthearted and playful approach of using a variety of media, the artists address an array of complex ideas and concepts related to humanity. Moments of contemplation arise through the viewing experience, as the viewer interacts, and connects, to each work, questioning their own personal relationship with the forms depicted in the work. 

In an attempt to understand the complexity of people and situations, Armstrong and Matsuda both developed visual languages to connect the dots and turn them into lines. The titles of the work presented in Moving Parts only represent a partial picture; when the objects and figures, the subject matter, interact with the titles, the works become whole. Whether through wording, lack of context, or body language, choices of interpretation are made through deep thought and contemplation.

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