Sara Pittman

Sara Pittman received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Huntingdon College in May 2015. She grew up in Montgomery, AL and was raised by an artistic family who acted as an inspirational staple throughout her childhood. Her mother, an encaustic artist and art therapist, was the first to really introduce her to the world of art. Her work is integration of abstract and abstract expressionism, relying heavily on intuition and spontaneous thought. She begins each piece with a thought or feeling and naturally allows her instinct to take control and guide her process. She focuses on creating an aesthetic of balance by combining bright colors with muted tones, creating negative space with pockets of detail and incorporating loose and controlled movement. Working with mostly oils and acrylics, she finds that this approach gives her more freedom to explore. Nature has also been a huge influence on Sara’s work, specifically with the painted deer and longhorn skulls. She finds this area of her work to be spiritual in that she aims to bring back something that was once beautiful and peaceful. She finds that balance is important to her as an artist in both these areas of work. With the skulls, she focuses on control and intricacy, creating sharp but delicate designs that mimic geometric and tribal patterns. She enjoys this type of painting just as much as she enjoys the gestural, free movement of her abstract works on canvas.