HICA Artist in Residence

THE HALSEY INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ART [HICA] at the College of Charleston School of the Arts provides a multidisciplinary laboratory for the production, presentation, interpretation, and dissemination of ideas by innovative visual artists from around the world. As a non-collecting museum, we create meaningful interactions between adventurous artists and diverse communities within a context that emphasizes the historical, social, and cultural importance of the art of our time.

About once a year, HICA hosts an artist-in-residence for a period of weeks or months. The purpose of the residency is to provide artists with a unique opportunity to produce new work, which will be exhibited at the Halsey Institute. They seek to foster meaningful interactions between the artist-in-residence and the community whenever possible, through public events, lectures, and workshops. HICA aims to provide further insight into the life of an artist and their creative process. Often, a video is produced, documenting the artist’s time in residence. Past artists-in-residence include Long-Bin Chen, Tiebena Dagnogo, Eames Demetrios, Htein Lin, Rikuo Ueda, and Motoi Yamamoto among others. 

Current Artists in Residence: 

Taylor Faulkner

Taylor Faulkner is an artist living in Charleston, SC. She works in many different mediums, creating whimsical pieces from her mind brain.